Home Workers

26th September 2012

NEW  Home Worker Service - we can offer to run smaller campaigns, tailored to your needs with dedicated agents. Enabled by our investment in state of the art web-based technology, we can offer a new service based on home workers.

With the economies of scale, this gives smaller companies, who would not normally be able to afford employing the services of a large call centre,  the opportunity to take advantage of the lead generation and appointment booking services Senior Response offer.

Senior Response can now:-
Synchronise our agents live to your diary - one step further than your average appointment-booking service, we can now link our operating systems to your diary so we never double book your sales appointments and are always fully aware of your future commitments ,receiving up to the minute live feeds over the net.

Make customer care and welcome calls -  in addition while we are working to generate your new business,our agents will be available to take incoming calls and enquiries on your behalf

Revitalising old contact lists and generate leads - our tried and tested process of lead generation,  revalidating your old contact lists and generating fresh leads.