A dedicated over 50s marketing publication

26th September 2012

We thought you would be interested to learn about a new publication we have come across that is designed to help anyone whose job it is to target the Over 50s consumer. Titled MatureMARKETING and the brainchild of respected publisher Alasdair Buchan, the first and second issues are available now , with a third out in November.

Useful Tips

  • Each compact issue contains useful intelligence and tips on how to successfully address the so-called Grey market – we have subscribed and can recommend it to anyone involved in marketing to the older consumer.
  • There is a NO RISK guarantee – if you are not happy, your full subscription will be unconditionally refunded to you – AND A FREE BOOK!
  • And what is more, within one week of subscribing, you will receive the best selling guide 77 Truths about Marketing to the 50+ Consumer – an essential reference book for any marketing professional in our marketplace.

For more information
If you wish to know more, contact Buchan Publishing, 66 Florence Road, Brighton, BN1 6DJ, call on: 01273 885443 or e-mail: subcribe@maturemarketing.org.