Building for the future

26th September 2012

A broadening of the horizons
The success of the Senior Response proposition – using mature agents to communicate empathetically with older consumers – has encouraged us to apply this thinking to other market sectors. After a great deal of research, we have identified the construction industry as one in which it is vitally important for a telemarketer to reflect the experience and standing of the client company AND to talk the language and be in tune with the thinking and needs of the prospects being called.

Building foundations
We have therefore set up a separate division, BuiIding Foundations, that is dedicated specifically to the wider construction industry market. Employing mature staff with industry backgrounds and initially working with subscribers to data provided by ABI (the UK’s leading supplier of building project data), BF is already speaking daily to hundreds of architects, specifiers and contractors to promote our clients’ products and services.

More information
For more information on the services of Building Foundations, contact Greg Smith on 01484 850776 or Mike Bingham on 0121 506 9208.