Do you sell to vulnerable consumers?

26th September 2012

The issue

The Government and Office of Fair Trading are becoming increasingly concerned about the tactics some organisations use to promote their goods and services to “vulnerable” consumers, particularly the elderly and infirm. Consequently, the threat of draconian legislation is looming unless the direct marketing and selling industry gets its act together.

The direct marketing association (DMA) response
The DMA (of whom Senior Response is an active member) has issued a Code of Practice which states that “when members become aware that they are dealing with vulnerable consumers, they must take all reasonable steps to allow for any difficulties the consumer may have, for instance explaining the terms of an offer or the consequences of responding in a clear and helpful manner and giving appropriate advice. Members must not exploit the credulity, lack of knowledge or inexperience of any consumer, taking particular care when dealing with vulnerable consumers. Members should refer to the relevant legislation and codes of practice on this subject for further guidance.” DMA members are bound to adhere to this Code.

Further help and advise
Compliance with the above principles form an integral part of the induction/refresher training given to Senior Response telemarketing staff and so clients are assured that any work is carried out according to high professional and ethical standards. However, anyone requiring general advice in the area can contact Mike Bingham, Director, Senior Response Limited on 0121-506 9208 or e-mail: