How to put a smile on the face of these customers!

26th September 2012

Pension shortfalls, health, long term care, equity release……..
…. the list goes on.

This year more than ever, older people will be faced with an increasing amount of anxiety and concern as the media continue to exploit the circulation boosting potential of doom and gloom. Pension deficiencies will continue to hit the headlines and many people aged 55 or over will be wondering what the future (especially financially) holds for them.

They will want to speak to people they can trust, people who understand them , people who empathise with them, particularly over the telephone.

Have you got the right people?
Even if you accept this precept of older consumers communicating better with people of a similar age – and believe me, we have lots of evidence to support it – there is every chance that your call centre staff are not old enough or do not have the life skills to be on the same mental wavelength of someone 40 or even 50 years older.

So there is the dilemma – the business opportunities are there and you KNOW how you should be approaching your mature customers and prospects. However, because you do not have staff with the right qualities and profile, your efforts to capitalise on the growing needs of the “grey market” are likely to fall short of your targets.

The good news is that help is just a phone call or e-mail away.
Senior Response is the world’s first outsourced telemarketing agency to be dedicated exclusively to the over 55s consumer market. All our staff are aged 45+ with many in their 50s and even 60s. They know how to speak with and get the most from older people because ….. well, that is what they do all the time, at work, home or at play!

So if you would like to know how we could help your organisation make the uncertainties of 2005 work for you, contact Mike Bingham on 0121 506 9208 or e-mail: