If you sell to the grey market, read this

26th September 2012

The obstacles
As someone involved in the direct selling of products and services to older consumers, you will know that the last minute influence of children or relatives can often “kill” a bon fide sale. It may be that they feel undue pressure has been exerted on people perceived to be vulnerable, object to not being involved in discussions which concern people for whom they feel responsible or maybe simply do not want their inheritance spent!

Whatever the reason, a lot of honest and expensive sales effort can be wasted.

The answer
The solution is (theoretically at least) not rocket science. Involve the children/relatives in the initial decision-making by getting their “buy-in” and the obstacle disappears.

But in practice, how can this be achieved?

Rest of their life
We shall be launching the above new web-site in the autumn, aimed at internet-savvy, Baby Boomers with ageing parents. The initial promotion will be timed to co-incide with a YouGov survey we are commissioning into the attitudes and concerns of those with elderly parents and dependants.

As the name suggests, the site is designed to assist children in the positive planning of their parents’ later years and will be informative as well as having products and services sections. For example, there will be information about tax credits available to pensioners with a link to a self-assessment site, the pros and cons of pre-payment funeral plans will be aired with links to potential suppliers and so on.

The commercial arrangements
If you wish to reap the benefit of volume enquiries from this totally new source, we will agree a no-risk, mutually agreed rate per click, enquiry or sale – whatever is most meaningful to you. We would prefer to click and track enquiries through to you but do not worry if this is not feasible, as we can pass completed enquiries on to you electronically, even having also telephoned-screened them via our specialist call centre operation, if necessary.

Want to know more?
For more details about how www.restoftheirlife.com can help you get more sales with financial no-risk, contact Mike Bingham, tel 0121 506 9208, mob 07802 316031 or e-mail.

restoftheirlife.com is an associate company of Senior Response Limited, the world’s first outsourced telemarketing company dedicated exclusively to the over 50s consumer market.