Older Agents are best!

26th September 2012

So now it is official.

People’s ability to empathise with others peaks during their 60s, scientists have found, in research carried out in th US and reported in the journal, Pyschology and Aging.

Older generations have greater ‘emotional intelligence’ than younger members of society, the researchers said.

They are also better at seeing the positive side of stressful situations.

The US scientists believe it makes sense that humans developed an enhanced ‘caring’ side near the end of their lives.

‘Increasingly, it appears that the meaning of late life centres on social relationships and caring for and being cared for by others,’ said psychologist Professor Robert Levenson, from the University of California at Berkeley.

‘Evolution seems to have tuned our nervous systems in ways that are optimal for these kinds of interpersonal and compassionate activities as we age.’

So that is why our 50-65 year old agents consistently out-perform their younger counterparts at other agencies?!