Senior Response gets FSA approval!

26th September 2012


As from 14th January 2005, the selling of general insurance products will be regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). As a consequence, any organisations involved in such activities, including providers of outsourced telemarketing services, will need to apply for permission under part IV of the above Act and be authorised to do so by the FSA.

A strict vetting process
As Senior Response works for several clients in the general insurance area, it was vital that we submitted ourselves to the FSAs stringent vetting process in time to meet the January 2005 deadline. Amongst other things, the FSA needs to be satisfied with the financial strength, structure and business processes of applicants.

We were informed on August 17th that approval had been granted and we have now applied for similar approval to conduct mortgage business, albeit we have no current clients in this area. We do not anticipate any hitches obtaining approval for this activity either and shall keep interested parties informed of progress.

More information
If you are in the general insurance arena and want to know how Senior Response can help increase sales in 2005 (or sooner!), please contact Mike Bingham, Director, on 0121 506 9208 or e-mail: