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What is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing or data cleaning is the process of detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database and refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect, sets of data.

What are data cleansing rules?

There are several key rules to include in any data cleansing plan. These include;

  • Back up your data.
  • Identify the root cause of data quality issues.
  • Remove irrelevant data.
  • Deduplicate your data.
  • Fix structural errors.
  • Deal with missing data.
  • Standardise data at the point of entry.
  • Validate the accuracy of data.

What are the advantages of data cleansing?

Data cleaning ensures consistency within your dataset. You achieve reliable results from any analysis you perform by identifying and correcting inconsistencies.

Senior Response Data Cleansing Birmingham

Who are Senior Response Ltd?

Senior Response is the UK’s premier inbound and outbound call handling agency, specialising in promoting products and services to both the mature and younger consumer markets. Based in Solihull, we have been delivering exceptional service to clients since 2001, earning a reputation for our dedication and results. In addition to our call handling services we also provide data cleansing and data appending services for many of our clients.

Data Cleansing Service from Senior Response Covers

We will identifying structural and inconsistencies in the data, removing duplicates, standardising data fields, and performing some validation work to ensure data accuracy.


How we work

We like to start off with a meeting to discuss your project, and what it is you are looking to achieve. We will review a sample of your data to identify where corrective action is required or whether enhancement is required such as data appending of telephone numbers or even updating contacts and their contact details. information. One we have completed a preliminary analysis, we will identify the work required, costs involved and timescales to complete the project.
Successful Data Cleansing Birmingham

Next Steps?

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Senior Response Ltd. has been shortlisted as finalists for the 2020 UK National Contact Centre Awards. We have been shortlisted in the categories of;

  •  Team Manager of the Year
  •  Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme
  • Quality Manager


“Senior Response has been an important partner for Age Co since we began working with them in 2003. The team at Senior Response understand the importance and strength of our brand, which is evident in the interactions they have with our customers.”

Conversion Marketing Manager
Age UK Enterprises


“Senior Response have provided a high level of sales consistency and quality since we began working with them in 2017. They tailored their approach for our business, and have represented our brand with every customer contact. Senior Response continues to be an important partner in our sales and customer contact strategy. “

General Manager
Serious Brands Limited


“We have been working with Senior Response on various initiatives over a number of years and the quality and experience of their call handlers has helped achieve strong levels of engagement both in terms of in-bound and outbound marketing activity.”

Julian Barrett ACII
Senior Commercial Partnerships Manager | St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group


“We have worked with Senior Response for several years and have found them to be an essential part of our customer contact strategy.”

Marketing Director – Hidden Hearing


Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme presented by Mervin Nichols, UK Business Development


Sponsored by Diabolocom


Winner of Over 50’s Sales & Marketing Specialists of the Year award 2020 


UK Enterprise Awards

Data Cleansing Service FAQs

What is the difference between data cleaning and data cleansing?

Data cleaning and data cleansing are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they differ subtly. Data cleaning refers to identifying and rectifying errors, while data cleansing encompasses a broader set of operations involving duplication and transformation for superior data quality. Both processes share the goal of boosting data quality and fostering confidence in decision-making for successful outcomes.

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What are the five steps in data cleansing?

We take an 8 step approach to data cleansing

  • Back up your data.
  • Identify the root cause of data quality issues – By identifying the issues early on, this will ensure better data integrity and data quality for subsequent campaigns.
  • Remove irrelevant data – By removing irrelevant data, this will save time on data selection and preparation and also makes the data analysis more accurate.
  • Deduplicate your data – Another key step is to ensure no duplication could affect data analysis and reporting accuracy.
  • Fix structural errors – This allows you to have a robust data loading template or platform which will save time for future campaigns.
  • Deal with missing data –  Missing data items can be crucial when assessing data performance and results.
  • Standardise data at the point of entry –  Links in with fixing structural errors to give you a sound robust template to work from.
  • Validate the accuracy of data – It is good practice to spot check data accuracy against a control file at periodic stages of campaigns over time.
What is the difference between data enrichment and data cleansing?

Data Cleansing fixes existing data, removes obsolete or incorrect information, and optimizes the database. Data Enrichment enhances data by adding information from other sources, creating a more complete picture.

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