April 2021


Many contact center businesses have been badly hit by the pandemic.

Although we have not been totally immune to the effects of reduced work demand and social distancing regulations, we have still been able to operate, thanks to a lot of people.

First of all, our suppliers have continued to support us through a very difficult trading period. For many businesses, home working suddenly changed from being a backup facility to becoming the operational model. Our IT and telephony partners were always there when we needed them. THANK YOU!

Secondly, our staff who have stayed with and loyal to us, some experiencing the traumas of furlough, all experiencing the isolation and challenges of working from home. We know it has not been easy.THANK YOU!

And finally, our clients continued to give us work and trust us with their campaigns when they themselves were facing Covid-related pressures. Without you, we might not have survived. THANK YOU!

As we emerge from lock-down and see some semblance of normality on the horizon, we look forward to continuing and even strengthening our working relationship with you all.

You know who you are. THANK YOU!


Michael King

Managing Director

September 2020

The winners have been announced!!!!

Senior Response Ltd. was shortlisted as finalists for the 2020 UK National Contact Centre Awards. We have won a Bronze award in the following category:


  •  Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme

Well done to all those who entered and all the winners, a fantastic evening was had by all.


March 2020


We have been shortlisted!!!!

Senior Response Ltd. has been shortlisted as finalists for the 2020 UK National Contact Centre Awards. We have been shortlisted in the categories of;

  •  Team Manager of the Year
  •  Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme
  •  Quality Manager

Well done to Daniel and Shimmy for their individual nominations, and to the entire Senior Response Team!!


Feb 2020

Senior Response launches its Care Home Whistleblowing Service.


Ironically, the greatest fear held by relatives of care home residents, is that their loved ones will be neglected or even abused.

To help ameliorate these concerns, Senior Response have launched a confidential, whistleblowing service that enables anyone to report cases or suspicions of mistreatment.

The service is available to family members, friends, fellow residents or even members of staff via a unique freephone number. Cases raised can be done anonymously if preferred. Reports created are immediately forwarded to a nominated senior member of staff for action.

Mike Bingham- Non-Executive Director at Senior Response said “We are delighted to provide this service which we believe complements and strengthens the existing whistle blowing policies that many care home groups and other organisations already have in place”.

January 2020

Why patience is a critical factor in the lead enquiry to sale journey.


Your customer has responded to your tv advert, or to a direct mail campaign. The initial interest in your product has been established and an information pack has been requested. The next steps become crucial if we are to progress that lead to a confirmed sale. The internet, and social media platforms provide customers with the research tools they need to decide if they should call you back or be receptive to your follow up call.

The time between date of the initial enquiry and the date of the sale can often take days, weeks, months and even years.  At Senior Response Ltd, we find with the sectors and the age demographic we work with, that the decision to make the purchase often involves other family members. The majority of our client’s customers are elderly and decisions covering a plethora of subjects from estate planning and insurance, to choosing a care home for themselves or a for loved one, can involve weeks and sometimes months before a decision can be made.

Jane Watton- Green Head of Client Operations at Senior Response said “We understand the value and importance of family members to the customer, when they are deciding their future and what this means for the family they will leave behind. Our teams work closely with the customer to understand and carefully explain the options and features of our client’s products and services. Our mature and experienced agents are able to provide those valuable skills of empathy, and understanding in nurturing the relationship over the days, weeks and months. Whether by phone, or email, we will communicate with the customer the way they wish and when they wish.”

July 2019

Senior Response upgrades its Telephony platform.


As part of the continuing re-investment into the operational area of the business, Senior Response have partnered with Exchange Communications to implement a new telephony platform designed to meet the changing needs of our clients and the business.

Michael King – Managing Director of Senior Response said “The Xima Chronicall Multimedia Contact Centre Solution, brings greater flexibility, scalability and enhanced reporting when compared to our previous platform. We can still provide traditional inbound and outbound functionality; however, this now includes webchat, and our solution fully integrated with our CRM platform to provide that single view on multiple channel customer interactions”

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