Telesales Telemarketing Services Birmingham

What are telesales telemarketing services?

Telesales and telemarketing are two unique services delivered via phone. Telesales focuses on directly selling to customers or potential buyers, while telemarketing is geared towards generating leads and sales prospects by setting appointments and cultivating leads, with the aim of attracting new customers.

Senior Response provides both types of these telephone services, with experience and a track record in both growth, sales and the cultivation of leads.

Telesales Telemarketing Services Birmingham

Is telesales telemarketing still a growth opportunity?

Both phone-based services are still key in the direct marketing space. What we find critical is to ensure that the target customer and contacts are fine-tuned.

Effective data profiling, along with good timing when it comes to sales offers or propositions, will help drive the ROI of telesales and/or telemarketing campaigns.

Senior Response telesales telemarketing services in Birmingham

Who are Senior Response Ltd?

Senior Response is the UK’s premier inbound and outbound call handling agency, specialising in promoting products and services to mature and younger consumer markets.

Based in Solihull, we have been delivering exceptional service to clients since 2001, earning a reputation for our dedication and results.

Why is Senior Response your ideal B2C / B2B telemarketing partner?

With over 23 years of experience in supporting both B2B and B2C telemarketing campaigns for our clients, we understand and offer the full end-to-end telemarketing package. Our team of telemarketers are experienced and reliable, with an average tenure of 6 years in the business, and have worked across sectors such as healthcare, financial services, and retail.

We offer results-based commercial packages so our clients can easily measure ROI for their campaigns.


How we work

We like to start off with a meeting to get to know our clients for them to get to know us and the wider team. We then discuss your project, objectives and success criteria along with target start dates. We have over the years developed our onboarding processes to make it possible for us to set up 90% of new campaigns within 7 working days.

Throughout the project, we will have regular touchpoints to review performance and supported by MI covering every aspect of the campaigns.

We understand the importance of our client’s seeing ROI, so all our activities are built around this critical metric and reporting is in place to measure this.

Successful Telesales Telemarketing Services Birmingham


Client A

A leader in Hearing Healthcare and Hearing Aids in the UK. We have been working with them since 2001. We book about 60,000 appointments each year for their audiologist teams around the country with an appointment attendance rate of 50%.

We continue to have a long-standing partnership with our client.

Client B

A leader in providing travel insurance for people with medical conditions. We have been working with this client for the past 6 years. Our teams sell travel insurance policies for customers in an FCA-regulated environment. Last year, we spoke to nearly 20,000 customers and converted 43% of those enquiries into policy sales vs a target conversion of 35%.

We also remain a key strategic partner with our client in their growth plans.

Next Steps?

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Senior Response Ltd. has been shortlisted as finalists for the 2020 UK National Contact Centre Awards. We have been shortlisted in the categories of;

  •  Team Manager of the Year
  •  Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme
  • Quality Manager


“Senior Response has been an important partner for Age Co since we began working with them in 2003. The team at Senior Response understand the importance and strength of our brand, which is evident in the interactions they have with our customers.”

Conversion Marketing Manager
Age UK Enterprises


“Senior Response have provided a high level of sales consistency and quality since we began working with them in 2017. They tailored their approach for our business, and have represented our brand with every customer contact. Senior Response continues to be an important partner in our sales and customer contact strategy. “

General Manager
Serious Brands Limited


“We have been working with Senior Response on various initiatives over a number of years and the quality and experience of their call handlers has helped achieve strong levels of engagement both in terms of in-bound and outbound marketing activity.”

Julian Barrett ACII
Senior Commercial Partnerships Manager | St. James’s Place Wealth Management Group


“We have worked with Senior Response for several years and have found them to be an essential part of our customer contact strategy.”

Marketing Director – Hidden Hearing


Best Diversity and Inclusion Programme presented by Mervin Nichols, UK Business Development


Sponsored by Diabolocom


Winner of Over 50’s Sales & Marketing Specialists of the Year award 2020 


UK Enterprise Awards

Telesales Telemarketing Service FAQs

Does telesales still work?

Telesales campaigns provide varying results and will depend on a myriad of factors including product, proposition, and target audience. We have found the planning phase of the campaigns is perhaps the most important step in any telesales campaign. This will largely lead to the success levels of your telesales campaign.  Contact us to see how we can help.

Book a chat now to find out more about telesales and telemarketing services in Birmingham.

What are the pros and cons of telemarketing services?

Telemarketing enables an organisation to reach a large volume of potential customers via the phone. Telemarketing also helps to create a pipeline of future sales opportunities, lead generation, and quick and agile go to market way of researching or establishing interest in a product or service.

The biggest disadvantages or cons to telemarketing is the negative perception that telemarketing unfortunately has with consumers or business receiving the calls.

We believe much of the negative perceptions can be improved by careful data selection and profiling, using non voice channels such as email to “ warm the prospect pool” and then follow up with a carefully planned targeted telemarking call campaign.

To discuss how telesales telemarketing services in Birmingham can support your business growth, contact us.

Is telesales the same as telemarketing?

These are 2 distinctly different phone-based services. Which businesses of all sizes use to develop and grow their client base. They are practical tools to be used within a marketing mix and broader strategy.

Telesales refers to selling products or services directly to an existing customer or prospect base. Our results-based services can help you find monetary growth within your client list.

Telemarketing, however, is more about building leads or creating sales opportunities through appointment setting and lead generation. Its primary aim is to attract new customers. This service is, therefore, ideal for business clients who have new products or services they are launching or need help with their current sales performance.

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